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About Rick Eber
Welcome to my Marx playset web site developed by Jim Clouse. As I venture into "modern times" it does seem apparent that I'm stuck in my childhood as are most of you who are reading this. Marx playsets have been a part of my life since 1959 at least, as I can remember getting the classic Series 5000 Wagon Train for Christmas as a 5 year old. My Dad was a fan of the TV show so his somewhat selfish purchase certainly opened the door for many hours and days of playtime devoted to my "soldiers". I can remember him setting this set up on our living room floor and helping put together the wagons especially. Our passion for these playsets can be traced to moments like those. Good memories that are never forgotten.

Starting out as a collector in the late 80's I fortunately had been given Tom Terry's phone number at a local train show which I had put together a giant diorama of Marx Civil War and Lionel trains. Getting the back issues of PFPC (1-10) and "The Big Toy Box At Sears" Peter Fritz book in the same week sent me on this journey. For the next 23 years I've devoted much of my free time to this hobby and have enjoyed creating many new friendships and have had this borderline crazy need to figure out what goes in these sets. It's like a giant puzzle of interlocking pieces that seems to go on forever.

Is this hobby an obsession for some of us? I'm afraid so and I'm the first to admit it. So as I continue on this journey I want to welcome anyone who has questions or answers to many of the mysteries we enjoy as part of this hobby. I really enjoy the hunt for these toys and working on completing them if need be.

If you have any interest in any of the sets or loose items please don't hesitate to ask questions or make me an offer. Payment plans are always an option as well as trades. I'm always interested in any sets or collections for sale and I will travel to pick them up rather than worry about shipping.

If there are figures, accessories, or sets you are looking for please contact me as I'm going to several shows this year and I'm always looking.

RETURN POLICY: DO NOT return an item without discussing it with me first! I will NOT accept a return if I haven't had the opportunity to talk with your first. So IF you have an issue with an item(s) you purchased, please contact me ASAP. I will work with you to "make it right." I pride myself on having satisfied customers. By working with you, I'll make sure you're happy with the outcome.

Happy Hunting !!

Rick Eber

Rick with his son, Zach and a great selection of playsets! (Just a "few" years ago)

A recent photo of Rick with Zach, and another great selection of playsets!
A word about the "Fort Mohawk Banner"

"You may be wondering why I chose Marx' Fort Mohawk playset as the image for the main banner for this site. Yes, it's a great playset and it's one in my personal collection (not for sale!), but more than that it's representative of the history of the area of New York where I'm from. There's a lot of Revolutionary War history here (as well as French & Indian War) and this great playset has always held a special place in my collection." Rick
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Left: Rick gets into character as he dons a cavalry hat while visiting the 150th Gettysburg Anniversary Weekend in 2013.

Rick donned a different hat at OTSN in Schaumburg, IL in 2011.

In the photo at right, Rick is sporting a vintage Marx plastic army helmet and "entrenching" tool.