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Hello Rick,

I was looking at your Marx Playsets web page and I saw the picture of the Marx 54mm 7th cavalry in powder blue, great figures. You state that that color was test shots and not released to the public. I have the 7th in the regular aqua color and one figure in dark royal blue. But I also have 3 figures from a thrift store bag that are in powder blue, or light blue, that are cast in vinyl. Can you tell me anything about the vinyl 7th cavalry figures? Thank you in advance. I'm just curious because at the time the 7th cavalry figures came out I didn't think that Marx used vinyl anymore.

Larry T.
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Interesting Larry, these kinds of color variations don't surprise me anymore. Can you send me a picture and I'll put it on my web site and see if anyone knows anything about it them. My guess is a prototype casting in the initial stages of development in the late 60's.

Thanks for your question.


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