Marx Playsets
I now provide a playset box repair service for collectors. Over the years as a collector and a dealer, I've come across a lot of boxes that were in "rough" condition. But I've discovered through trial and error that many of these boxes can be given new life.

If you have boxes that are in need of repair, please call or email me for more detail and price estimates.

Please note: I use a professional artist and expert at restoration for some of the repairs. His specialty is repairing (repainting) lithograph artwork on the boxes and does a great job. I will provide an estimate for any repair as long as I have a picture or the actual box on hand.

Thanks to all my customers for your continued support!

Rick Eber

Click on the photo above to see how this box was
brought back to life.

Example of a common problem with playset boxes that can be repaired!

Below is a rare D.E.W. Defence Line Arctic Satellite Base #4802 from Cananda. When you find a rare box like this it's definitely worth the effort to repair it as much as possible! When you roll you cursor over the photos below (the "before" pictures) you will see how I was able to repair them.

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